Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Angel's Landing

What I feel like is the rest of my life started yesterday. I say it's the rest of my life because I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to quit life, sell pretty much everything I own, and travel. Yesterday, that journey began. I flew into Las Vegas where Leo picked me up and we headed straight for Utah's Zion National Park. After we grabbed some firewood and food, we set out for the Watchman campground near the south entrance. Since we're sleeping in Leo's van on this trip (which is outfitted with the worlds most comfortable bed, a stove, and all the comforts of home), we didn't have to suffer the cold in order to put up a tent. Thank God. 

Since we got to Zion after dark last night, I had little idea about what it looked like until this morning when I woke up and saw this. 

The fact that this view was so unexpected just multiplied the awesomeness of it all, and this iPhone picture certainly doesn't do it justice. While Leo cooked breakfast, I employed my thumbs to search for where the trailhead was, since neither of us had bothered to find out beforehand. Thankfully, it wasn't far from our campground. Everything I've seen so far on the Internet says the hike to the top of Angel's landing and back should take about 5 hours. It took Leo and I about 3 hours to ascend the 1,800 ft to the top, chill out for half an hour, eat some granola bars, take some pictures, then get back to the van. The fact that Leo hikes uphill at what most people would consider a brisk walk had nothing to do with it, I'm sure. 
I've never been afraid of heights, and I still won't say that I am, because I'll walk right up to any cliff edge and have a seat with my feet dangling. I will say this though, I was happy to have the chains to hold onto, and if I ever hike that trail again, I'll do it in something with better treads than Nike frees. To say the view from the top was spectacular would be the understatement of the year (thus far). 
Again, iPhone pictures don't do good justice to this view, you'll have to go see it for yourself sometime. Of course, no pier of rocks 1,800 ft above the ground is complete without pistol squats. 
 Or funky looking hand stands.. 
 Life is no fun until you get close to the edge anyway.