Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Houston, we have a Loewer.

I love vacations. I wish I could always be on vacation. And be rich. I need to win the lottery.. I would have to spend money on it in the first place though, so that's never going to happen.

Friday, I left right after I got off work at 5AM to drive to Houston to see Sean and Weaver, who just moved there. It took entirely too long to get there. But I got to drive under overpasses in Dallas. Quite possibly one of my most favorite things. Yes, I am easily entertained.

After I got there, we went to the zoo and deliberately disobeyed the signs to not climb on statues.
Saturday we drove down to Galveston. We had initially planned to get surfing lessons, but everywhere we found that did them wanted 24-48 hours notice. We don't plan that far in advance. So instead, I rented a surfboard the size of a house, and we made a go at it ourselves. No lessons, no youtube videos to teach us. Just what we once saw on TV several years ago. It took me all day to figure it out. And by figure it out I mean some guy who knew what he was doing eventually came out and I watched him for about 20 minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong. To be completely honest, I only had to watch him stand up once to figure out what I was doing wrong (not paddling with the wave first), but he was some kind of fine. I thought any longer than 20 minutes and he would get the feeling that I was going to kidnap him and make a skin suit out of him. So I went about my merry way. I did eventually teach myself to ride a wave. I'm super skilled like that. Again though, the board was the size of a house.
If ever I go back to the beach.. or anywhere else the sun shines for all hours of the day, remind me to take extra sunscreen. And lip balm with sunscreen in it. My lips are burnt and blistered to hell. Honestly, drinking out of a straw is about to be impossible. Side note - yes, I do realize those sunglasses are the same ridiculous shades all the frat boys and sowhores wear. They're my wanker shades.

Sunday we left Houston again to go to Six Flags Fiesta. I love roller coasters. I also get motion sickness. I was car sick the whole way there, then we started riding rides. Needless to say, I was pretty much sick the whole day. It was still a blast though!
This is myself, Sean, and Weaver on one of the rides. Sean didn't get the memo to smile. Don't tell anyone we had our phones out taking pictures on the ride, they'll probably sue for copyright infringement or something.

After we got back, I packed up all my crap and left early the next morning. I took a different route so I could stop and see an old friend. Sadly, there weren't any overpasses, but this was somewhere in Oklahoma.
I had to stop. One, because it was beautiful. Two, because I was stuck behind an 18-wheeler going 30 MPH and if I didn't get out from behind him for a little while, I was going to go postal. I could hear the river entirely too well and all I wanted to do was climb down to the river and take a nap. This inspired the camping trip I decided to take the next day. It was rather interesting. I'll save it for next time though. Until then..